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Houseplan is the Swiss firm that provides consultation, brokerage, design, furnishings and supervision in the complex process that goes from the purchase of a home or a building lot to the final delivery.

Thanks to its know-how and the collaboration of excellent professionals, Houseplan manages all of the following processes: supply of indoor and outdoor furnishings, kitchens, bathroom fixtures, lighting, flooring and valuable raw materials; interior and exterior design; supervision of building sites; direct and indirect real-estate transactions; consultation regarding all aspects having to do with the purchase, design and furnishings of a home-to-be.

Houseplan stands out on account of its expertise, competence, quality, rapidness and dynamism.

Houseplan’s main ‘pluses’ are:

1) Search for and selection of excellent products, with competitive delivery-terms and prices which, thanks to Houseplan’s well-established activity as a buyer, make it possible for firms and private clients to save time where research and buying negotiations are concerned;

2) Wide range of products thanks to the collaboration with carefully chosen companies and trustworthy partners;

3) Search for specific items;

4) Price-comparison;

5) Importation of foreign products, with optimized delivery schedules;

6) Well-defined, quick timing.


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